I’m Gernot Starke.

As innoQ-Fellow and practical software- and architecture practitioner I support organizations of various domains in improving their software.

Apart from optimizing time-to-market, I focus on reducing maintenance- and operational costs, facilitating team collaboration and development efficiency.

I help to effectively and efficiently architect and develop new IT systems and bring them into production.

After graduating in computer science at Aachen University of Technology and a few years or practical experience, I wrote my PhD thesis on software engineering (at J.Kepler University in Linz, Austria, with Prof. Chroust). People call me practical and pragmatic methodologist - with geek genes…

I’ve published a number of technical books, mostly on software architecture, patterns, development processes and software documentation.

In 2005 I (co-)founded and still actively maintain arc42, the free portal for software architecture and documentation, together with its international companion arc42.org.

More recentl I founded aim42, the „Architecture Improvement Method“ (aim42.org).

I’ founding member of iSAQB, currently in the position of working group lead for the CPSA-Foundation Level. I successfully trained literally thousands of developers in softare architecture topics.

Together with my wife Uli and our awesome kids we live in beautiful Cologne.

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