Elevator Pitch

Software improvement, done right!

aim42 is the systematic and pragmatic approach to improve software systems and architectures.

aim42 is developed by an active community in open-source style, backed by extensive industrial experience and scientific research. It has proven to work under time and budget constraints in various industries.

aim42 phases

Iterative improvement in phases

aim42 works iteratively in three phases (analyze, evaluate, improve) supported by crosscutting activities. For each phase, aim42 proposes a number of proven and established practices and patterns. aim42 is free and open-source, completely vendor-agnostic and does not require any specific tool.


Analyze: Identify issues and improvements

In the analyze-phase you obtain detailed understanding of the system and systematically identify issues, risks within the system and its environment. Additionally, you develop ideas for improvements.


Evaluate: How grave are the issues?

Estimate the value of issues (how serious they might be) and the required effort for potential improvements. Estimation often results in intervalls [high, low].


Improve: Apply or perform selected improvements

Perform changes in code, architecture, environment or associated processes. Distinguish between short-term (tactical) practices or long-term (strategic) approaches. aim42 collects dozens of proven practices and examples of such improvements.


Crosscutting: Manage and plan

Manage relationships between issues and improvements, maintain issue list and improvement backlog.