• aim42 is a collection of practices, patterns and methods to support software improvement: In reality, many software systems suffer from a variety of problems, which often cannot be solved due to cost or complexity issues.

    aim42 provides a way out of maintenance desasters - it systematically helps to reduce maintenance cost, technical debt and risks. aim42 helps teams and organizations to optimize their software to their specific needs.

    aim42 is free (like open-source).
  • Have a look at our team-page.

    aim42 has been founded by Gernot Starke in 2013.

    aim42 is a team effort - we are actively looking for contributions.
  • We welcome all kinds of suggestions and/or requests. Please use our issue-tracker for this purpose.

    We'll come back to you as soon as possible!
  • Our method-guide is written in AsciiDoc (a plain-text format, ideal for team-collaboration), and a (gradle-based) build-process generates a static html site (aim42.github.io) from it.
  • Although the term aim42 has been coined only in 2013, many of the patterns and practices have been in productive use since several years.

    We successfully applied mixtures of those practices at several medium to large systems in different industries.

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