• Gernot is long-term traveller in IT country. Apart from founding aim42, he co-founder and maintains arc42, authored numerous IT-books and articles and frequent speaker on IT-conferences. Have a look at his personal website.

    * since 2011: innoq Fellow
    * Founding member of iSAQB e.V.
    * Founding member of arc42
    * since 1994: Developer, IT-consultant and project lead
    * 1994: Dissertation on Software-Engineering (from J.Kepler University, Linz, Austria)
    * 1989: Diploma (Computer Science/Informatik) from Technical University of Aachen, Germany
  • Stefan is founder and CEO of innoQ Deutschland GmbH, serious software professional and REST guru.
    He supports clients in software architecture and -development, especially in web-based systems. As he speaks often on international conferences, some colleagues call him "conference tourist".

    • Alex Heusingfeld (@heusingfeld).

    • Oliver Tigges

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